Reality of a University Student

Covid-19. Quarantine. Social Distancing. Work from home. School from home.

Yup, already done with all of that. As a freshmen at university it’s really hard for me to do all the phases all alone. All of my friends attend university near their home, while i wanted to go far away. It’s my second semester now and i’m still find it hard to adapt with my new routine. I have a lot of friends i met online but i’m still lonely, maybe because i never met them in person.

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The reason i write this because i wanted to share my super stressful experience of online classes.

First, you do anything ALONE. Yea, you may have friends but they’re not going to help you honey. We’re all wanted the gold a.k.a an A. As a person who can’t do anything alone, especially something i’m not familiar with i found it difficult to adapt.

Second, the stress level. We’re all stressed about our life, the burden that must be hold by university student PLUS when they’re freshmen and online is huge. You shock when your friends are a lot smarter and creative thinker, not like you, you shock when your friends write that 10 pages for the assignment while you only write 3 pages. From a small thing like that can cause stress that you can’t even imagine. So, expand you language skill and insight, kid it’s super important.

Third, you’re gonna be introvert. As an extrovert myself back then, now i’m an introvert person. An introvert and super insecure may i say. I’m not that type of person who answering the question or even asking a question when presentation. Looking around my environment, my friends who’s smart getting smarter every day, and my extrovert friends are getting more and more friends while i only have 3 friends that i fully trust. I don’t even know people who doesn’t attend the same class as me, and prefer to watch and listen while speaking and be the centre of attention.

Advice that i can give to you who soon to be uni student, prepare yourself and always choose something that out of the box. Get out there and explore many things about socialising and start build your personal branding. Do that task and don’t forget to expand your insight and language skill. University life is hard, much harder than you think. Do not trust anyone, but friends with everyone (if you know what i mean).

All right peeps, it’s time for me to go. I hope you enjoy this writing, and don’t forget to be happy.


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